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Why Ideal?



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We Care About Cost Savings

Ideal Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses optimize and minimize expenses without compromising the quality or value received from those expenditures. We first conduct a risk-free analysis of your marketing and advertising expenses. After that, we will identify cost-saving opportunities and implement customized strategies to achieve your company goals in a more cost-effective way. 
Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering measurable results and providing real values, working closely with your business to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions. 



If we don't help you gain cost savings, we don't earn a single penny.



Our clients see an average of 196% more customers as a result of working with us.



We Provide Value Driven Strategies

Investing in Cost Consulting Services is a strategic decision that can provide your company with a lot of benefits. Taking access to our professionals who are specialized in:
● Cost saving and optimization: an opportunity to optimize your operations. The result is a significant reduction in costs to improve financial performance. 
● Long-term financial analysis and sustainability: your team can focus on core business activities while our experts take care of cost management.  
● Smart investment: for growth and success, the result leads to a competitive edge in your market.  
● Benchmarking and Market Analysis: We profit your business by benchmarking project cost against industry standards and conducting market analysis to identify cost-saving opportunities. 

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 Cost Savings

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More Customers

*numbers are based on an average of all previous clients as of 5/18/23. We cannot guarantee the same results but we can guarantee equal if not better results than you currently receive at a lower cost. Schedule a consultation to learn how!

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Mission and Values

We are committed to assisting your company become more profitable. This includes analyzing the cost versus benefit of your marketing and advertising. We then benchmark these costs to optimize and minimize expenses without compromising the company or prodcut/service quality. 


Integrity: We believe in honest, transparent, and ethical services. Our careful selection and training of consultants ensures a high degree of trust and credibility in our relationship with your company. 
Empathy: We put a strong emphasis on understanding the unique needs and challenges of your company. Our aim is to always make recommendations through the lens of what it would be like if we were you. 
Innovation: Our principal value is innovation and the continuous pursuit of new approaches, tools, and techniques to optimize costs. 
Confidentiality: We take the confidentiality of your business information very seriously. By protecting and preserving the sensitive nature of your company's data, we ensure that competitors are unable to gain access and exploit it to their advantage, potentially harming your market position. Rest assured that we prioritize the security and privacy of your sensitive information. 

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How We Get Started

The first step is to start with a free savings consultation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements, objectives, and challenges. This meeting will allow our experts to assess the scope of work, determine the specific areas where our cost consulting service can add value, and develop customized strategies.
We will collaborate with you to define the project objectives in detail, establish mutual expectations, and ensure that our services align with your business goals .


What Clients Say About Us

"The ROI on my marketing expenses started to turn red for my business and I really don't knew what to do. We hired Ideal Solutions who had the patience and dedication to help me identify more cost-effective options and strategies that I never imagine. I am so grateful with this service!"

Anthony K - President of Window Wise

"After 20 years in business, the expenses in our company began to increase and it was a challenge to identify where to cut costs without losing results. Thankfully, I got a call from Ideal Solutions who gave us the results we were looking for."

Paul C - Owner/Operator of Cams Demolition & Disposal

""We started a family business and someone recommended me the service. Thanks to them we avoided the risk of overspending, now I never be afraid to close my business. Working with Ideal Solutions was the best choice I ever made."

Paul F - Owner of October Kitchen

I am very happy with the work done by Ideal Solutions. They have saved me a lot of money along with bringing me more traffic. A double win for me.

Jerry K - President of Central Iowa Coin & Bullion

From cost savings to great communication over the phone, email, zoom, it was really easy to work with the Ideal Solutions team. Highly recommend as if you have worked with consultants before you’ll know that you need professionals to get the job done and help with actual results. Ideal Solutions is it!

Suki L - Program Director of Global City Norwich

I have been working with Ideal Solutions for over 6 months. During that time, they have helped me prioritize and set goals for my company, provided exceptional advice, and market my business online in the most affordable way. The service has been prompt, professional, honest, and specific to the needs of my company.

Melinda D - President of Onpoint Education