Digital Marketing

We encourage our clients to see us as your digital marketing department. We will manage your digital marketing and advertising to ensure that you get the most exposure for the lowest possible cost. Not only does our average client save 38% by working with us, they also see 2-3x better results.


A dedicated marketing department

At Ideal Solutions we can reduce your marketing costs by at least 30%. Partnering with us gives you access to preferred vendors and pricing that may not be available to your business individually. When it comes time to crunch the numbers to see if there is a more cost-effective way to run your marketing program, our marketing consultants are fully prepared to deliver.
We will even do a no obligation, risk-free cost savings analysis. If we can’t save you money on your marketing and advertising... we don’t earn a dime.

Marketing Management

An effective marketing program can help your business generate a significant number of leads. With so many different solutions out there and so many different costs, it can be difficult to not only choose the right media mix but also to keep track of it all.

At Ideal Solutions, we have two ways that we manage marketing programs:


Business Consulting

We can work with your staff to provide support, resources, and coaching on how to run cost-effective marketing programs. Essentially we coach you up to run your own marketing program in house with our expert recommendations.


Managed Marketing

Or we can deliver a “white-glove” service where we handle every aspect up of your marketing program. Under this scenario we always review campaigns with you before they go live and report back to you to review performance.

Are you ready for a more cost-effective marketing program?

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