Our Story


Ideal Solutions began with the idea that a marketing agency could provide cost-effective solutions to local businesses and empower them to impact the communities they serve. This vision of a socially responsible marketing firm is the company's North Star.
Years before the company was established in 2016, our Founder began to dive deep into the concepts and methodologies of marketing. At the same time, he began to study and consider the different ways that social issues were being addressed. His conclusion was that both marketing and the way we address social issues had room for improvement.
Our Founder found a relatively new shift in the way marketing could be approached. He saw the era of transaction-based strategies beginning to fade while an emphasis on developing value-based relationships was emerging. This modern marketing approach seemed to fit well into the vision of a marketing agency with a mission to make a positive impact.
He also concluded that businesses were better positioned to impact the world’s social problems than governments or charitable organizations. He was quoted as saying, “Governments and charitable groups have to first extract value from society before meeting a need. Businesses deliver value first in exchange for profits and can then use a portion of those profits to meet a need. It’s just a more direct, win-win approach.”

What makes us so different?

Our data-driven strategies and highly effective consultations will help you transform your marketing expenses in ways that support sustainable business growth.
Most companies focus on selling you as much as they can. We focus on helping you spend less while getting you better results. This unique approach can be found in our business model where we only earn if you actually benefit from a lower cost. Ask us how!

Our services are supported by an ethical business model. We actually have three bottom lines: 
Profit, Partner Benefit, and Social Impact.


As a result, Ideal Solutions was launched in 2016 and is rapidly growing. The business has attracted marketing experts from all over the world to join in the company’s mission to:

Deliver more than is expectedBe profitable Make a positive impact in the world

Now, this new and innovative company is on the rise with world class consulting and marketing solutions that have been proven to be highly effective.